Monday, November 4, 2013

How to Make Money without Spending Money. In your pajamas.

Like you, I want to make more money, but I’d rather not have to work for it. I also don’t want to hassle anyone, especially the people I care about, into giving up their hard earned money.

Working for someone else is a bummer. But running my own business is enslavement in its own way. Overhead is heavy, employees are a massive pain. More bills than I can handle. It's all too hard. Wahh. But I still want to be rich, so what do I do?

I understand how businesses work. There’s risk, lots of risk, if you want a big payout. And only about 1% of ventures even succeed.
The one thing in common with all entrepreneurial attempts is the notion of you gotta spend money to make money.

Well I don’t have money to spend. My jobs cover my bills, sure, but not much more beyond that. So how do I break free of this cycle I’m stuck in? Working hard, getting just enough money to pay off the month, just to have it all start over again on the 1st

And don’t even get me started on debt. It seems impossible to beat.

Clever business people know about the common rat-race-money-struggle we all deal with. They dangle a carrot, hoping to shake down a sucker for all he’s worth then kick his broke butt to the curb.
They’ll flash big promises, shiny dreams you’ll never realistically achieve.

MLMs like ACN, Vemma, and other pyramid shaped ideas can work—but they require the one thing I don’t have to get started. Money. $500 or more for some of them. And even then, the odds are slim.

I’ve written deceptive Terms and Policies for all kinds of “RISK FREE TRIAL OFFER!” type product websites. Where you sign up for something cheap (or free, initially) just to have your credit card dinged hard a week later, because it was impossible to cancel in time.

These slimy companies appear and disappear within a month, constantly changing their name, lingering just long enough to rip off thousands of dollars.
But you can’t keep ripping people off on the internet, word will get out!

Well, these Spammer Scammers also employ someone full time to scan the internet for whistleblowers. They find people who report on their scam, and do a bit of “cleanup.”  Even going as far as to create fake blogs, fake reviews, and fake comments from fake profiles to make the product seem legitimate. I used to do that job.

I know how the scumbags work, because I worked with them every day.
Yeah, I’m what you’d call a skeptic.

So when I found this opportunity, I was super skeptical.
It seems WAY too good to be true... right?

I watched the initial video, which promised that I wouldn’t spend a penny but I’d make tons of cash, it was all legal.

Mr. Chuck Marshall, in his Affliction shirt, also promised I wouldn’t have to leave my computer chair, wouldn’t have to bother people, go to meetings, or sell crappy products to anyone. Nobody has to spend any money, and yet still, somehow I would get paid.

So I did my research. I scanned Google for bad reviews, or fake “good” ones. Surely this had to be fantasy. Somehow, somewhere I will get robbed. But still, I'm intrigued.

I enter a fake name and a throwaway email address. A new, longer video appears. It's Chuck again, and he goes into fine detail. Which is good, detail is what I need to put my qualms and doubts to rest.

It all checks out. The reasoning behind it is solid. TV and radio commercials aren’t as effective as they used to be, so legitimate companies like DirecTV and are using Trial service referrals instead. I recognized the basic premise, it has been around for years, but it’s never been streamlined this perfectly before.

In the old days, in order to make money doing trial referrals, you’d have to sign up for services, frantically cancel a few days later, and collect maybe 50 cents afterward. All day, signing up, getting spammed, canceling, yelling on the phone, just to maybe make a few dollars? It was terrible and not worth the effort.

Well now companies are getting desperate enough to where they’ll pay out $20-$80 for one referral. Whether the referred lead keeps the service or cancels it, makes no difference. You still get paid. And instead of having to sign up and cancel services over and over yourself... You only do it once. After that, you get your own link. Send that link to a friend, they too sign up for a free trial of something. You then get $20-$100 (depending on what they tried), and then they get their own referral link too!

And so it spreads on and on. You and your pal cancel the trial before it ends, and never spend a dime. You now have a small pile of free money, and he's got a clear and easy way to make a pile for himself too!

Hmm. Well all right, heck with it. As long as my credit card stays safe, I’ll play along.

I read all the fine print. Simple and clear.
I made a fresh throwaway Gmail email, a new Paypal account, typed in my basic info and followed the directions given in the 30 minute video.

I signed up for’s 7-day free trial.
And just as the ZNZ site promised, I was then given a referral link to the Affliction guy video, to earn money with on my own.

For the fun of it, I saw my credit score, winced, and cancelled the trial.
I then opened up Craigslist to spread the link. In my Craigslist ad, I had it go to my own URL, which forwarded to the referral link's 30 minute explanation video. This kept spam detection off my back.

Then I made dinner, did laundry, watched a movie.
Before going to bed, I checked my ZNZ account screen. $40 was waiting for me.

I checked my bank account. Nothing has been touched. No money was robbed from me.

It actually worked. I sent the money to my Paypal address. In a few days, it’ll transfer to my Wells Fargo bank account!
I found a 100% genuine, 100% FREE way to make money without having to put pants on.

So now I’m taking this seriously.
ZNZ Big Cash, other than its cheesy name, also works. The offers are a bit bigger this time around. I willingly spent some money at GoDaddy for a URL and web hosting, which I needed to renew anyhow. I now use that name and hosting to spread this referral link faster.

I wanted to get you guys in on this. And yes, I know it all looks like a cheap scheme, and there's a type-o on the bottom… but trust me.

Be smart with this, remember to cancel your chosen trial in time, and you too can make extra cash while being a slob in your pajamas!

Start here, follow the directions, and spread your link. You can either do just the 1st one (ZNZ Cash), and spread that link (at $20 a pop) or go all the way like I did. The latter is more involved, but I'm making more money.

I repeat, you DO NOT have to do all the steps to get paid.
Simply doing Step 1 will net you a referral link of your own to ZNZCash One, worth $20 per referral.

If you are interested, and have any serious questions, I'll help you. I'll coach you through the whole darn thing. It's worth both of our time.

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